My Prediction on Apple’s tablet – what should it do?

I can’t resist.  With all of the buzz, I might as well add to the noise. Here are the features of the new apple tablet.

  1. It’s large, flat and thin. Like the air, but thinner.
  2. It’s great to watch videos and TV. Think of a portable television in your house. Carry it around the house. It might need some sort of media server in the house to store all of the videos. But with rumors of a TV subscription service, this would make an idea media appliance for the house.
  3. It’s wireless. No power cord need to be attached. Nothing ugly attached to it.
  4. Inductive charging. You may want several  wall mounts, or easel displays around the house that you can rest the device when you are watching, or not. You don;t have to plug anything in to recharge it.
  5. When watching video, an iPhone, or iPod Touch can be used as a remote control.  You have one anyway. No need to get up to change the channel. This makes the table a fashion accessory for the house.
  6. It has a touch interface. It’s a tablet.
  7. The user interface is enhanced. While some say guestures,  I will predict an iPhone-like interface, with picture-in-picture capability. Each frame has its own  iPhone -like state. This provides multitasking. Shrink and expand each picture to “dock” an application. There may be a taskbar to allow switching and muti-tasking.
  8. It will have a magazine subscription service. Eventually the magazine can have embedded links. But that will be slow at first. It’s a New Media thing.
  9. It will have cellular connectivity. When we say portable, we mean portable.
  10. It has bluetooth. There is no way you will hold a 10-inch device to your face to say hello. Instead you use a bluetooth microphone. You will carry it with you anyway.
  11. It supports tethering. If you have an iPhone, there is no reason to pay for both accounts. Instead, one will connect to the other, and they will use a shared account.
  12. It can be docked to a keyboard. Imagine placing the device on an easel with a keyboard and disk. This makes it a nice desktop for extended work. There may even be a notebook that folds, so that a keyboard is one side, and the tablet is on the other side. Unfold it, and set up the easel, and a power-user can go to down.
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