Kinect and first person shooters

I was reading about Microsoft’s Kinect. .

Kinect lets you move your body to interact with a game. No controller is needed. Sounds cool, but apparently most of the demos are really lame.

If I was designing a shooter game, this would be my concept:

Instead of using some keystroke to switch weapons, just place the weapons on your body.

  • You have a bandolier with grenades.
  • You have a pistol at your left hip, and another tucked in your waist.
  • You have a rifle around your left shoulder, swung behind your back.
  • There is a knife by your knee.

To switch a weapon, reach for it, and place it in front of you. Your hand positions will help determine what type of weapon it is. A pistol and a rifle are held differently.  Move your arms, and point to your target. Holding your right hand steady will increase accuracy. You don’t want to move your hands when you shoot. So how do you fire the weapon without moving your hands? Just say “Fire!”. Or “Bang”, “Pow”, “Zap”, “Go”, “Shoot”  or any other one-syllable word.

Need a grenade? Just reach up to your bandolier, and pull off a grenade. You then heave the grenade, and the effort used determines the distance.

Add some ninja stars, throwing knives, etc. And you can always use your fists.

Oh – it would help to have a practice range.

Seems more realistic, doesn’t it?

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