Is Obama a Socialist? Anatomy of an attack

I’m not one to promote my political view. I tend to keep my opinions to myself. But I kept hearing people claim “Obama is a Socialist and wants a Utopian socialist society.” I really didn’t understand. But, heck, I have a brain. I have Google. Let’s check it out. What’s the real truth?

Here’s the critical moment, the video with Joe the plumber. Obama’s talking about increasing the taxes of those who earn more than $250K a year, to lower the taxes of those who earn less. Obama says it will  “spread the wealth around.”  We’ve always had a tax rate that changes based on income. And Obama wants the rich to pay 39% instead of 37%.  Is this radical? Of course not. Heck, it’s as radical as Bush who granted the tax cut in the first place. All we are talking about is tweaking the numbers up or down.

Frankly, I’m for this. Those that earn greater than $250K a year are against this. Remember this when you see how this develops.

As far as I know, that was the one time Obama said “spread the wealth around”. So now do a Google search on Obama and “spread the wealth”. Look at what you get. Let’s take some of the highly ranked pages. There’s James Pethokoukis piece, where he accusing Obama of being a Marxist! WTF?! The Ace of Spades HQ calls this “welfare”. No. It’s has nothing to do with welfare.  Rush Limbaugh response to this is his claim that “It’s right out of the communist manifesto.” Excuse me?! Since when has a graduated tax rate become communism? By that definition, we have been a communist society since 1862. Perhaps someone should let Rush Limbaugh know. Maybe he will move out.

Looking for more ammo, bloggers looked at Obama’s speech to the Military Academy. In particular Kevin O’Brien commented on one part of Obama’s speech:

The international order we seek is one that can resolve the challenges of our times — countering violent extremism and insurgency; stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and securing nuclear materials; combating a changing climate and sustaining global growth; helping countries feed themselves and care for their sick; preventing conflict and healing wounds.”

Kevin’s blog post was titled While President Obama dreams of utopia, the world gets rougher. Essentially he said Obama was unrealistic. Okay. Obama was optimistic because he is seeking a solution.  I’d like to know what is so wrong in being optomistic! Now Google “obama utopia” and see what you get. O’Brien is at the top of the search.

Bear in mind that Obama never used the word utopia or utopian in the speech. At least, I can’t find any reference to him using these words.  So why are there 1,480,000 hits on Google? Look at the frigging unbelievable results. There’s Doug Ross’s post, which seems to be #1 on Google, and is based on  Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as far as I can tell. Let’s see the quotes to back up Doug’s claims. Forbes called Obama’s optimism a Doomed Utopia. I guess politicians should always be pessimists. Never promise an improved society! Apparently that would be Utopianistic.

So to summarize, Obama wants a graduated tax rate, and he’s optimistic. And how are the ultra-conservatives reacting? By calling him a communist, a Marxist, a socialist wacko who is promoting a utopian society where the rich give welfare to the unemployed. Are they frigging nuts? This is a case of adding 1+2 and getting 8 trillion dollars. It makes no sense!

This whole posting was prompted because I Googled “Obama socialist” And I looked as the best authority on the subject of socialism, the Socialist Party. Doesn’t this make sense, to ask an expert in the field? What do socialists say? Is Obama a socialist? Not according to any socialist, as far as I know. Socialists hate the new Healthcare reform. They wanted a national “single-payer” health insurance plan with a government option. The bill that Obama championed didn’t have any of those feature. Wharton, co-chair of the Socialist Party USA,   said the new health care bill only strengthens private health insurance companies. They get 32 million new customers and no incentive to change — something a socialist wouldn’t accept.

We do have elements of socialism is the government. Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits are socialist policies.  If someone is really against socialism, then why aren’t they trying to get rid of these programs? Doesn’t it make sense? If socialism is bad, then get rid of anything that helps all equally. But do they do this? Of course not. That would cause a big uproar. People like these programs. It’s much easier to attack a modified graduated tax plan, and label it socialism. And then hope people never use Google to even look up the definition.

Llewellyn, the national director of the Democratic Socialists of America, says he was struck by one player in the 2008 presidential elections who displayed more socialistic leanings than Obama. This candidate raised taxes on the big oil companies, and sent the revenue to the people. If you want to learn something about spreading the wealth, Llewellyn says, don’t look to Obama. He said “To be honest, the most socialist candidate in the 2008 election was Sarah Palin.”

That’s right. Palin is more of a socialist than Obama, according to Llewellyn. Who would have thunk?

I just don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong. I understand why some people will blindly accept distortions and lies because they want to believe them. People cherish their belief systems. We all do. It’s difficult to challenge things you believe in.

But what I don’t understand is why so few who hear these distortions and find them hard to believe, just keep quiet about it. I hate these lies politicians throw out. And Democrats are as much to blame as Republicans. So why do so many people hear lies, and then just keep quiet. I want to know why more people don’t stand up and say “Bullshit!” when someone repeats a lie.

All it takes is a few seconds to Google the web, and look for real evidence. We have become a society of  people that repeat what others say, without looking into the facts. If you see or hear something that doesn’t make sense, or seems controversial,  look into it. Don’t just look for someone who agrees with you. Look into both sides. Think!

Google wants to be the third half of your brain. That’s won’t help if you refuse to use your brain at all. Frankly, when we have 4 million pages about Obama and Socialism, and only a handfull of people look into the facts, it just scares me. Google is not becoming a third half our our brain. Instead, Google is allowing us to perform  a lobotomy on ourselves, so we can stop thinking all together. Let’s just see what the masses think, and go along with the “facts” the masses know to be true.

The only way to counter this mass-stupidity, is to have more people stand up and ask questions. Is this really the truth? Who knows more about socialism, Rush Limbaugh, or the head of the Socialist Party?

Just because we have Google doesn’t mean we have to stop thinking. Please, people. Google takes a few seconds. Do more than glance at the headlines. And don’t just blindly accept the party line. Ask questions.

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