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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 4

Continued from part 3. Linux Customization Here’s a guide for debugging sound card problems. There seems to be hope for the Realtek AlC889 hardware. And there’s this post. Here’s a note on PulseAudio.this part Well, this part went very smoothly. … Continue reading

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Cracking Alchemy on the iPhone

Someone asked me how I got all of the Recipes for Alchemy on the IPhone. The answer – I cheated. I hacked the system. Let me describe how I did this. There is some simple perl scripting involved, which might … Continue reading

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Complete list of Alchemy for iPhone

Looking for the solution to Alchemy? Here’s the complete list of 226 (now 230) recipesĀ  for theĀ  iPhone’s version of Alchemy. 1Up = Mushroom + Life AI = computer + life Acid = fire + sulfur Acid rain = acid … Continue reading

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Using Snort and Munin on Ubuntu

Here’s a little tip to get munin integrated with snort on an Ubuntu box Assumptions I assume you have snort running with acidbase. There are some steps needed to make sure mysql is set up. I’m not covering this at … Continue reading

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