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Recovering data from a corrupted USB thumbdrive using ddrescue

A friend asked me for help. He has a USB thumbdrive that he used for backup and when he plugged it into his Windows system, Windows wanted to re-format the drive (and therefore erase his backups). Obviously a sub-optimal solution, … Continue reading

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System Development Lifecycle > Security Development Lifecycle

I was asked to list things I consider when creating/designing a world-class application. Whew. That’s  a complex question, and worthy of a PhD thesis, book, etc. Still, several things jumped out at me. And I thought it would be worth … Continue reading

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The Top Eleven Reasons why Security Experts get no Respect

Let’s face it – being a security expert is difficult. While security technology is very difficult, dealing with people, especially with people who don’t work in the security field, is far more difficult. Why is that, you say?  I have … Continue reading

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The need for Public Password Policies

After reading the Dashlane report on “The Illusion of Personal Data Security in E-Commerce”, I kept thinking about how developers replicate common security mistakes and that real progress in security rarely occurs. The industry’s current password policies are a disaster. … Continue reading

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Generating website navigation using perl, sed, and make

The problem – Site navigation without frames I wanted to add an easy way to navigate to any of my web pages, but I didn’t want to use frames, or break any of the current links. I also have a … Continue reading

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The problem with SQRL

I just listened to Steve Gibson’s SQRL (Secure QR Login) authentication scheme. I’m not a cryptographer, but I see some minor issues. I’d appreciate people correcting me and educating me. Here are a few issues I have with the authentication … Continue reading

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Security News May 2011

Advanced Persistent Tweets: Zero-Day in 140 Characters Interesting report on “a Chinese hacker”  bragging about zero-day attacks. Sony Online loses 12,700 credit card account numbers, 24.6 million accounts compromised [update] A second hack has occurred. Bruce Schneier’s TED … Continue reading

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Complete list of Alchemy for iPhone

Looking for the solution to Alchemy? Here’s the complete list of 226 (now 230) recipes  for the  iPhone’s version of Alchemy. 1Up = Mushroom + Life AI = computer + life Acid = fire + sulfur Acid rain = acid … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 3

Continued from part 2 Assembling the P7H57D-M EVO with the SilverStone LC17 First question – do I need a fan installed in front of the disk drives? This is an option, so for now I am not installing a fan. … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 2

Ordering my P7H57D-M EVO HTPC This is a continuation of Part 1 of my adventures in building an Open Source HTPC. I did a lot of price comparison, and purchased parts from Amazon (for the chassis), ExcaliberPC (for the power … Continue reading

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