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Recovering data from a corrupted USB thumbdrive using ddrescue

A friend asked me for help. He has a USB thumbdrive that he used for backup and when he plugged it into his Windows system, Windows wanted to re-format the drive (and therefore erase his backups). Obviously a sub-optimal solution, … Continue reading

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Scanning for confidential information on external web servers

One of my clients wanted us to scan their web servers for confidential information. This was going to be done both from the Internet, and from an internal intranet location (between cooperative but separate organizations). In particular they were concerned … Continue reading

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Cataloging SDHC Cards on Ubuntu using a bash script

I have a lot of SD memory cards. I use them for my Camera, my Raspberry Pi, and for my laptop. They are cheap enough, I get several spares. And it makes it easy to convert my Raspberry Pi into … Continue reading

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Setting up your Linux environment to support multiple versions of Java

Four ways to change your version of Java Most people just define their JAVA_HOME variable, and rarely change it. If you do want to change it, or perhaps switch between different versions, you have some choices:  Use update-alternatives (Debian systems) … Continue reading

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Setting up the 900 Mhz Freakduino board on Kali Linux

The Freakduino LR is an Arduino board with a built-in 900Mhz radio designed for long range (1 mile). The primary components include CPU: ATMEGA328-QFP32 Atmel AT86RF212 900 TI CC1190 900 Mhz RF Front end This board belongs in the suite … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 4

Continued from part 3. Linux Customization Here’s a guide for debugging sound card problems. There seems to be hope for the Realtek AlC889 hardware. And there’s this post. Here’s a note on PulseAudio.this part Well, this part went very smoothly. … Continue reading

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Using Snort and Munin on Ubuntu

Here’s a little tip to get munin integrated with snort on an Ubuntu box Assumptions I assume you have snort running with acidbase. There are some steps needed to make sure mysql is set up. I’m not covering this at … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 3

Continued from part 2 Assembling the P7H57D-M EVO with the SilverStone LC17 First question – do I need a fan installed in front of the disk drives? This is an option, so for now I am not installing a fan. … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC Part 2

Ordering my P7H57D-M EVO HTPC This is a continuation of Part 1 of my adventures in building an Open Source HTPC. I did a lot of price comparison, and purchased parts from Amazon (for the chassis), ExcaliberPC (for the power … Continue reading

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Building a Linux-based HTPC

My old box, an ASUS Pundit P1-AH2,  that I bought from Monolith, died. It’s my primary server. I use it for a file server, computer server, DVD burner, backup server, and since it’s always up and running, I use it … Continue reading

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