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System Development Lifecycle > Security Development Lifecycle

I was asked to list things I consider when creating/designing a world-class application. Whew. That’s  a complex question, and worthy of a PhD thesis, book, etc. Still, several things jumped out at me. And I thought it would be worth … Continue reading

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Kinect and first person shooters

I was reading about Microsoft’s Kinect. . Kinect lets you move your body to interact with a game. No controller is needed. Sounds cool, but apparently most of the demos are really lame. If I was designing a shooter game, … Continue reading

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Microsoft is engaged in illegal activity again

Microsoft is again using their monopoly to illegally force vendors to squash the competition. In 2006, Microsoft put  pressure on Wal-mart to stop selling Linux. Then,  Microsoft put pressure on Dell when Dell decided to support Linux. So now you … Continue reading

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