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Cataloging SDHC Cards on Ubuntu using a bash script

I have a lot of SD memory cards. I use them for my Camera, my Raspberry Pi, and for my laptop. They are cheap enough, I get several spares. And it makes it easy to convert my Raspberry Pi into … Continue reading

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Cracking Alchemy on the iPhone

Someone asked me how I got all of the Recipes for Alchemy on the IPhone. The answer – I cheated. I hacked the system. Let me describe how I did this. There is some simple perl scripting involved, which might … Continue reading

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sed and the t character

Dear Grymoire, I am trying to convert a pipe character into a tab. I tried sed y/|/t/ <in>out but it did not work. Instead of a tab, I got a ‘t’.  What did I do wrong? I thought this was … Continue reading

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